About us

Thanks to the experiments in this field,

we’re thankful for the treatments that have been provided for treating ALS patients in Japan. Our Facebook page was created with the aim of delivering these medicines

from Japan to ALS patients and their families all over the world.

The great interest in our page has inspired us to take this job one step further and create an online shopping service.

In our site,

you can closely follow the scientific developments in ALS treatment.

You can order online and we will deliver medicine to your home.

We can assure you that we value safety standards and client protection.

Thank you for your support in our efforts to advance ALS research.

Japan ALS Medical


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       *To be able to place an order drug prescription (and EMG results, if available ) is required.

·      *Please place the order after checking the custom restrictions on liquids in your country.

         It is very important for quick and safe shippment of medicines.